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The first official song books was published in 1910, and was periodically revised. In the early 20th century, chapters were charged with writing and submitting original songs to add to the collection. In the later 20th century, songs submitted to…

The chapter dolls tradition began as part of the 1953 history convention. Each chapter at that time was asked to dress a doll in the fashion from the year the chapter was installed. Since then, chapters have been required to dress a doll as part of…

Barbie style. Brown hair with pink headband, pink dress with lace overlay, denim polka dot jacket, gold and turquoise necklace, turquoise bracelets, brown fringe bag, brown boots.

Delta Eta.jpg
Barbie. Blonde, black dress, skirt has gold dusting. black, brown, tan scarf, black boots, bracelet.

Epsilon Gamma.jpg
Recolonization. Barbie. Blonde with strand of purple hair, white floral top with purple sequins on back, floral scarf, jean capris, gray heels with flower on the sides.

Barbie style. Strawberry blonde, turquoise jacket white shirt with purple stitching Beta Zeta CWRU, blue polka dot jeans red sandals, sunglasses, earrings, silver bracelet and pink flower watch, round bag.

Barbie. Black pants, gold jacket, black boots. white shirt with sigmas.

Beta Beta.jpg
Recolonization. Barbie. brunette, gold sweater, black leggings, brown boots.

Recolonization. Barbie. Blonde, black dress, grey jacket, gold dragon pin, black heels.

Barbie. Blonde, white lace dress. Purple purse with bead strap, purple bow, pearl necklace and earrings, purple shoes.
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